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What we do

We provide a comprehensive range of services designed to give you clarity over your current financial situation and a road map to your future goals.
We specialise in working with six specific groups of clients. On the following pages, you can read more about the work we do and how we will help you: 


We provide a comprehensive range of services all designed to support you if you are a business owner.


We provide a comprehensive range of assistance and support to those clients who are at, or in, retirement.


We offer a comprehensive retirement planning service to help senior executives, professionals and their families move towards retirement with confidence.



As your retirement advances, we will help you plan for your changing life needs, ensuring your arrangements allow for flexibility as well as continuing to deliver security. 


Losing a loved one is undoubtedly a time of great emotional suffering, but for many people that suffering is compounded by financial worries, too. 


By combining sophisticated technology with our expertise, we can guide you through the mortgage maze

Our services

We see each client as an individual. Our services are therefore always tailored to each individual client’s needs and are based around your personal goals, objectives and concerns. We like to work with clients over the long term, in a way that allows us to develop a relationship and help you work towards the future you aspire to, but we know that sometimes our clients just need help with something pressing that requires professional guidance.


Our work with our clients is therefore varied, but usually includes:

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A full financial audit

Before we begin to prepare your financial plan and make recommendations, our aim is to help you understand where you are now. We call this assessment of your current financial situation a ‘financial audit’.

As part of this, we will present you with a net worth statement, including the value of all your assets and liabilities, your Inheritance Tax expectations, analysis of your pensions and investments and your risk management and protection arrangements.

Cashflow forecasting

We use Voyant’s award-winning cashflow modelling technology to build a picture of your finances. It allows us to plot out your income, expenditure, assets, liabilities, future planned expenditure and purchases, and future windfalls to create your personalised financial forecast for every year from now until death.

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Financial planning

Working with you as your financial mentor, we will discuss and agree the major financial goals in your life and understand what you need to do to achieve them.

We then produce a detailed analysis and project your current arrangements into the future, given various key assumptions. We look at how to achieve your goals and objectives using your existing provisions and plans. By ‘pressure testing’ their robustness, we aim to provide you with reassurance as well as other options to consider.

We will discuss our findings with you, help you consider your options, provide financial advice and agree a detailed course of action.

Regular reviews

For most clients, the preparation of your financial audit and financial plan marks the start of a long partnership between us. Our aim is to help you do 'the right things, at the right times for the right reasons' and build on the provisions, plans and assets you have already acquired.

Our regular reviews and ongoing support are designed to help keep you on track to your goals. We know that life doesn’t always take the trajectory we planned for and that with the inevitable bumps in the road, it’ll help to know that we’re here to steer you back on course.

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