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We provide a comprehensive range of assistance and support to those clients who are at, or in, retirement.


Our aim is to give you the financial security you need to live the retirement lifestyle you aspire to.


Are you at, or in, retirement?


We provide a comprehensive range of assistance and support to those clients who are at, or in, retirement.

Reaching retirement should be a cause for celebration as you finally reap the rewards of a lifetime of hard work. Worrying about money, however, can mean those celebrations are put on hold. 

Our aim is to give you the financial security you need to live the retirement lifestyle you aspire to. Taking your ambitions and goals for the years ahead as our starting point, we will help you gain clarity over your current finances and answer all those questions you have about what you can afford to do, and how you can ensure you won’t run out of money. With a financial plan and a cashflow forecast, you can enjoy the years ahead and experience a fulfilling but comfortable retirement.


Our work together will help you answer questions such as:


  • Do I have enough in the pot to live the retirement lifestyle I want?

  • How much income will I need for the rest of my life?

  • Can we afford to improve our home / take a big holiday?

  • What should I do with my pension?

  • Should I retire altogether, or just slow down and phase my retirement?

  • Should I sell my house and downsize?

  • Can I afford to gift some money to my children/grandchildren?

  • How can I protect my assets from Inheritance Tax?



"Richard always takes time to explain any changes he is recommending, and actively listens to my comments with a friendly and reassuring manner. Despite only having worked with him for a couple of years I am confident about his advice and opinions.

Carol H, Kent, VouchedFor verified client review, April 2023

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How much is enough?

It would be nice to know how much money you need to retire, semi-retire or simply achieve financial independence. You may even have an idea yourself but would like an expert to confirm if you are on the right track and to ensure you haven’t missed anything.

We can not only do those calculations for you from time to time, but we can also provide you with smart strategies that may:

  • Bring forward the date of your ‘Financial Independence Day’

  • Change your view of what a move to retirement looks like

  • Give you the confidence to renegotiate your contracts at work, extending or improving your working life (if that is what you want)

Our services


We see each client as an individual. Our services are therefore always tailored to each individual client’s needs and are based around your personal goals, objectives and concerns. We like to work with clients over the long term, in a way that allows us to develop a relationship and help you work towards the future you aspire to, but we know that sometimes our clients just need help with something pressing that requires professional guidance.

Our work with our clients is therefore varied, but usually includes:

Pension planning


  • When the government introduced Pension Freedoms in April 2015, their aim was to provide maximum flexibility for those looking to retire. However, it also meant that retirement income planning is now more complex than ever, with so many options available. Our job is to guide you through the maze of options available to you, give you a clear understanding of which might be most beneficial to you and why, and help you gain clarity to make the decision that’s right for you.


Inheritance Tax and estate planning advice


  • When it comes to estate planning you want to ensure the right funds end up in the right hands at the right time, without paying a fortune in tax to the government. Drawing on our years of experience and trusted network we can deal with your estate planning and IHT issues in a way that meets your exact requirements.


Investment strategies


  • Our investment approach is straightforward and sound. You don’t want or need to be taking too much investment risk, so neither do we. We will build and manage a portfolio that balances the level of risk you’re comfortable with, with the kind of returns you want to see.

Wealth administration


  • With more than 45 years’ experience managing clients’ wealth, we know a thing or two about how to take care of your money. We will take on as much or as little as you want us to - it is entirely up to you – but we are here to take the weight from your shoulders.


Tax mitigation


  • Every bit of tax saved goes straight into your pocket. Some smart tax planning can make your money last longer and provide you with more options as you approach the end of your working life.

Please note that the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) do not regulate will writing, tax planning and trusts.

The value of investments and any income from them can fall as well as rise and you may not get back the original amount invested.


HM Revenue and Customs practice and the law relating to taxation are complex and subject to individual circumstances and changes which cannot be foreseen.

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