Now could be a good time to remortgage

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

Mortgage rates are now at record low levels, following two Bank of England rate cuts in March to bring the base rate down to 0.1%.

Borrowers on a tracker, discounted or variable rate mortgage may have already benefited from this rate drop, but those borrowers whose mortgage deal is nearing its end, or those currently on an uncompetitive standard variable rate (SVR), should review their situation as there are some very competitive products on the market, with potential savings to be had.

Remortgaging explained

A remortgage is where you take out a new mortgage on a property you already own - either to replace your existing mortgage, or to borrow more money against your property. You should consider remortgaging if:

  • Your current deal is about to end

  • You are looking for a better rate

  • You want to overpay, but can’t do this on your current mortgage

  • You want to borrow more

  • Your home has increased in value and your loan-to-value ratio means you can get a better deal.

Lenders have adapted

Due to uncertainty, many lenders initially reacted to the coronavirus crisis by restricting the products available, (particularly to those borrowers with a high loan-to value ratio) and remortgage applications faced operational constraints such as an inability to do physical valuations. However, optimism has started to return, with lenders reintroducing a wider range of products and adjusting their processes to overcome problems, for example by using automated ‘drive-by’ valuations.

Don’t delay

In such a fast-changing environment, those who are considering remortgaging over the next few months would be well advised to assess their options now. Remortgaging can take around eight weeks, so it’s best to contact set the wheels in motion sooner rather than later.

Advice is essential

There are pros and cons to remortgaging and it won’t be right for everyone. The market is more complex right now and getting good advice is vital. We have expert insight and knowledge of the market. As well giving you advice on whether a remortgage is suitable, we will explain the costs, outline potential implications and guide you through the mechanics of remortgaging.


Key Takeaways

  • Two Bank of England rate cuts in March brought the base rate down to a record low of 0.1%

  • Borrowers whose mortgage deal is nearing its end, or on an uncompetitive standard variable rate (SVR), should consider their options

  • A remortgage is a new mortgage on a property you own - to replace your existing mortgage, or to borrow more money

  • Reasons for remortgaging include, a deal ending, a better rate, wanting to overpay or borrow more

  • Lenders have more products available again and have adapted systems, such as automated valuations

  • Consider your options now – remortgages can take around eight weeks

  • There are pros and cons, the market is changing and is complex

  • Good advice is key, get in touch

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