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A warm welcome to clients of Richard Short Associates

In 2019 Richard Short took the difficult decision to start planning for his retirement. This was by no means an easy decision, and it was critical that the company he selected shared his philosophy about quality financial planning and customer care.

Having personally known Richard Short for many years the discussions started. We were reminded that our late father John Hitchell, who founded our business in 1978, had links that went back over 30 years.

We were delighted therefore that, after completing due diligence, we were selected to continue the services he has provided to you. Whilst 2020 has proved a challenging year and delaying Richards original timescale, the handover started in November.

We look forward to speaking with you and if you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact Richard Hitchell, James Hitchell or Nathan Blackmore

A note from Richard Short...

"I am writing this to update you on my retirement and of the future plans for the business.

Since I started providing financial advice in 1986 my relationship with clients has always been at the heart of my practice. It has been of the utmost importance for me to ensure that I found a successor who shares the same philosophy about financial planning and customer care.

The on-going success of the practice will be created through the continued support of clients like yourselves with an adviser who will really appreciate your business, understands your needs and requirements and is keen and capable of developing its future potential.

The new owners are Hitchell Financial Planning, a well-established, family-run practice who have been providing expert advice since 1978. I have known them for 30 years. The practice owners are brothers, Richard and James Hitchell. They clearly recognise that they are acquiring a practice with a high value based on the goodwill that has been created through our excellent relationships with our clients. As such, they are keen to protect that value by working hard to build on your needs and expectations.

Richard and James are both Chartered Financial Planners. As fellow Openwork advisers, they aim to achieve the same high standard of care with the quality of the advice they provide is constantly assessed and highly regarded within the industry. By following the same processes and procedures when dealing with your business there should be a seamless transfer of access to your existing portfolio information.

Besides meeting the legal and regulatory requirements for the transfer of the business, Richard, James and I have worked closely together in formulating the transition arrangements to ensure a smooth handover for clients. To this end, Richard and James will, in due course, be contacting as many of you as possible, current mobility restrictions allowing. They will outline the terms and conditions of service and how these will serve your best interest in the same professional, the clear and fair manner you are accustomed to.

The company has a range of options available to manage every client’s needs in the area that has been served by Richard Short & Associates. You can therefore expect to receive a similar level of service as currently provided by myself.

I shall remain on hand until March 2021 to make the transfer as smooth as possible and reduce any disruption caused by COVID-19. If you are not due for your regular review, then please do let me know if you would like an introductory meeting with them and I will be pleased to arrange this. You may also like to visit and explore their comprehensive and informative website, to learn more about the company, its staff and the excellent range of services they offer.

It has been a pleasure to have helped you professionally over the last 34 years; I have appreciated the trust you have placed in me and the close relationships we have nurtured. Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any concerns or questions and I will be happy to talk these through with you."


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