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Natalie Kirk

Technical Adminstrator
01892 320860
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What one aim or life goal do you one day hope to achieve?
What three things are guaranteed to make your day better?
Is there something interesting or unusual that people might be surprised to learn about you?

Natalie’s role is to assist James and Richard with the administration of their clients’ pensions and investments. As an experienced investment and pensions administrator, Natalie has worked in numerous roles within Wealth Management and local IFA practices and has worked in the financial services industry for many years.

Her favourite part of her job is helping to develop processes that make the client experience smoother and more successful.

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CII (Chartered Insurance Institute) Financial Planning 

FPC1 - Financial Planning Certificate 1

FPC2 - Financial Planning Certificate 2

FPC3 - Financial Planning Certificate 3

CF9 – Pension Simplification

R02 - Investment Principles & Risk

R03 – Personal Taxation

R04 – Pensions and Retirement Planning

IMC 1 and 2 – Managing Investments

Outside of work Natalie enjoys going to the gym, running, and playing outdoor tennis (when the weather permits!) and seeing family and friends.

I’d like to run a marathon!

Knowing that I have made a positive contribution to the team, managing my workload in an efficient manner, exercise.

I've walked the whole length of the Thames!

Keyboard and Mouse
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