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How do decide which funds you will recommend?

Unlike many, we freely admit that no-one knows which fund managers will turn out to be the most effective over the years. And, if we were to employ our own fund managers to manage individual funds, it’s unlikely that they would be the best in the business at all times.

So rather than manage the assets ourselves, we have a team of extremely powerful and experienced investment professionals whose job is to identify and hold to account some of the best fund managers in the market. If any of those fund managers stop delivering to our requirements, we replace them with those who can.

This recommended fund list is compiled and updated by the Openwork Investment Committee. They are supported in this by authoritative investment research and analysis from Morningstar and Mercers.

This list includes dozens of leading companies offering both active and passive funds. We also offer a range of funds with a focus on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) responsibility for those who wish to consider the sustainability and societal impact of their investments. The range of options available to us enables us to create a portfolio that matches your values, your goals, the timescale over which you want to see growth, as well as your attitude to risk.

How do decide which funds you will recommend?
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