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Janet James

Mortgage Administrator
01892 554737
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What one aim or life goal do you one day hope to achieve?
What three things are guaranteed to make your day better?
Is there something interesting or unusual that people might be surprised to learn about you?

Janet provides administrative assistance to Robert Freeman, our Mortgage Adviser. Managing clients’ mortgage and protection applications all the way through from submission to completion, she ensures a smooth process and effective communication channels with all our clients, lenders, and insurance providers.

Janet started out in financial services administration in 1983, working for two Life Assurance companies over a 20-year span. After this, she worked as PA to a Financial Adviser who retired in 2017, then joined Hitchell Mortgages having previously worked with the founder John Hitchell in her first job.

Her favourite part of her job is helping clients succeed in buying their dream homes. She enjoys getting to know clients and building a good rapport with them and all our providers.

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Whilst having no industry recognised qualifications, Janet has many years of on the job experience and regularly attends Openwork or product provider training sessions to keep her knowledge up-to-date.

I enjoy both attending and organising all sorts of events whether it be neighbourly gatherings, music festivals, or organising the office Christmas party. I am registered as a volunteer for large events. I helped at the London Marathon 2017. I also enjoy Family History research.

I love European City breaks and would like to visit as many of the major cities as I can.

Coffee break, lunch time, home time!

I am known for my extensive collection of all things leopard print!

Keyboard and Mouse
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