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10 important steps to the retirement you want


Many people now see retirement more as the second stage of life rather than the traditional archetype of slowing down and taking things easy. It’s seen as the time to start to enjoy doing things you previously couldn’t because you were too busy working and raising a family.

However, the changing nature of how people see retirement in the 21st century raises a series of challenges that you need to address. These include issues around when to retire, where to live and how much income you will have.

Wherever you are in your retirement journey, be it 30 years away from retirement, or only five, regular reviews and planning is important. It doesn’t have to become a preoccupation, but there are some simple things you can do that will give you the best possible chance of being able to enjoy your retirement.

Here are ten steps you can take now to help make sure you’re on track to enjoy the retirement you want, whenever you finally decide to stop work and embark on the next stage in your life. Click ‘Download’ to get the full copy of the guide, or read it below.

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Wheelchair Basketball 101

Who can play?

For Prep Team Boys and Girls ages 6 - 13 years old living in Louisiana. Their eligibility comes from having a lower limb disability.

How often will we have practice?

Twice a month.

How tall are the basketball goals?

For Prep Teams it is 8.5'.

How many times are you allowed to push the wheelchair with the ball in your lap before you must make a pass or bounce?


How long does each period last in a game?

10 minutes

Our Team

How do I join the Cajun Wheelers?

To join our team, fill out our form!

How many players do you have?

We have x players on our team. Learn more about them on our about page!