Which did you update more recently: Your phone, or your life insurance?

Posted by siteadmin on Thursday 11th of July 2019.

If you answered ‘phone’, we wouldn’t be surprised. After all, it has been estimated in 2022 around 53.9million people will be using smart phones in the UK, an increase of 12million since 2015.

Your phone is so important to you that you probably upgrade it regularly too, to reflect your changing needs. But, do you do the same with your life insurance?                                   

“Why would I need to update my insurance?”

Life may have changed since you last bought or reviewed your life insurance. You may have had children, moved to a new house, or your income may have changed. This means that even though you have a life insurance in place, it might not offer you the level of cover you’d need if the unexpected happened.

Protect your loved ones with an up-to-date policy

Having the right life insurance means your loved ones, the people who are most important to you, could feel more financially secure at a time when it really matters.

Sooner rather than later

Life insurance can get more expensive as you get older. By getting in contact sooner rather than later, we can review your needs and make sure you have the right insurance in place whilst keeping your premiums low.