London Nightrider 2014


On Saturday the 7th June at 11:30pm our group set off from the start line at London’s Crystal Palace. James Hitchell sadly could not make the event due to an injury but at the last minute we managed to persuade Marcus Primhak (Market development manager at L&G) to step in and take his place.

London Nightrider 2014

Richard Hitchell at about 5am on Westminster Bridge 


The London Nightrider is a 100km ride around London arriving back some 5-6 hours later at the start point. Our team was organised as we are all part of the London and the South East peer group with a collective goal to raise money for the Openwork foundation (part of the Zurich community trust)

Within one pedal turn of the start disaster struck when one of the team snapped a chain. Luckily mechanics were on hand and we were quickly on our way. The night was very warm with none of the heavy rain and strong winds in the days leading up to the event.

We all managed to complete the event safely and hopefully raised a great deal for the foundation.

The Team

•Richard Hitchell
•Steve Walters, Lee Reebeck and Ryan from Oyster Financial Services
•Brian Downton
•Colin Walker
•Steve Humphries from Openwork
•Scott Atkinson from Partnership
•Marcus Primhak from L&G


London Nightrider 2012


After nervously watching the weather report all week the time finally came to gather at the start point – London’s Crystal Palace.  It looks like we’re going to be really lucky and avoid the gales and storms that had been lashing the UK for last two weeks.  Out of the 3000 cyclists taking part in the event the foundation has 26 riders, unfortunately a few riders could not make it due to injury.  Sadly James Hitchell was among one of these with a back problem, hopefully he will be able to make it next year.

After a quick group photo we gathered at the start line for 11.15 PM and then it was off!  Although the groups are staggered for safety, there is still hundreds of riders and looking out into the darkness you can see the blinking of red LED bike lights snaking off into the far distance – quite a sight to see! You have to have your wits about you as none of the roads are closed and the traffic in London on a Saturday night seems to be no different to usual, with the only exception being the city (which is completely deserted).

It’s funny to see all the people outside pubs and clubs whilst you cycle past and many people are curious as to what you are doing, but once they do they cheer you on!  The circular route takes you 103 kilometres (around 63 miles) some major landmarks in London.  My favourite is going over tower bridge which seems awfully big when you’re on a bicycle!

We didn’t see any of the ‘celebs’ taking part in the event as they started later than us, but I notice this morning the mail has pictures of  Princess Eugenie, Ben Fogle and Actor Jim Carter all wearing the rather fetching luminous ‘nightrider’ vests!

We finally gladly arrive at the finish line at 6.30 AM. it is been a fantastic night and hopefully a lot of money has been raised for the foundation.  The weather has been very kind to us and stayed rain free all night.  The nightrider is a fantastic event and I hope to be back next year to support the foundation once again.